Hostel admissions are provided with understanding that hostel student abides by rules in hostel in force. Accomodation in hostel can’t be claimed as matter of right. The institution may refuse accommodation to any student known to have grossly violated hostel rules or whose presence is likely to disturb the peace and tranquility of hostel. Student must observe the rules and regulation of hostel rules. Ignorance of rules will not be considered as an excuse.

    1. Discipline in the campus is of prime importance. Students must keep in mind that “The end of education is transformation from raw to ripen. There is no compromise in this regard. Student is expelled from hostel if found indesciplined
    2. All the students are expected to keep their dormitories clean and tidy. Their things must be kept in order.
    3. The first step to accomplishments is silence. Students should not indulge in loud talk and idle chat. Absolute silence is to be observed in assembly like prayer, functions, and in class.
    4. Mutual respect, gentlemanly and descent behaviour must be cultivated.
    5. Students must not damage the any property of the school. In case if any student found causing damage to equipments/ furniture’s have to pay penalty imposed by management.
    6. Students would be expelled permanently/temporarily for
      i) Irregular attendance
      ii) disobedience to teachers
      iii) Indescent behaviours,
      iv) Obscenity in talk/behavior
      The decision of hostel authorities is final in this regard
    7. Students must not possess any kind electronic gadgets like mobiles/ipods/Mp3 players/tape recorders/ walkman etc.